Mike Barkmin


Operating System

I am currently using Fedora Silverblue. Sometimes I have to use Microsoft Office or need to test my web apps in Safari. Therefore, I have a Windows and a Mac OS VM.


I am mainly using three keyboards. The one of my laptop, a custom build DZ60 with Cherry MX Silent Browns and a Lily58 Pro with Aliaz Silents.

I use two mices a Logitech MX Master 2S and a Kensington SlimBlade Trackball.

Coding Environment

I use neovim in combination with tmux and zsh as my primary coding environment. You can find my dotfiles here.

Firefox has been my main browser since I move everything to Linux back in 2010.

Desktop Apps

  • Obsidian is my go-to app for notetaking and knowledge management.
  • Gimp and Inkscape are my favorite tool for designing everything.
  • I am also using a bunch of other desktop apps, which you can find in my Ublue configuration

Backup Strategy

I use a managed Nextcloud instance called Storage Share from Hetzner.

I am also trying to keep my system immutable by using my custom Fedora Silverblue image. You can find it here.