OpenPatch is an organisation for improving assessment and training of programming competencies.
Bitflow is a ReactJS library for creating and conducting flow-based assessments.
Hyperbook is a static site generator (SSG) for building interactive workbooks.
reactjs, nextjs
A Java library to ease the transition from Scratch to Java
Scratch for Java
scratch, java
A progressive web app to track your baby and share the data with your family in real-time.
Baby Tracker
react, express,
Patches is a Design System mainly build for OpenPatch and associated products.
reactjs, emotion
Smartlights recreated for different educational scenarios.
c, python, java, node red, raspberry, node mcu
Website for the WiPCSE 2020
php, css
This is a managed Docker volume plugin to allow Docker containers to access GlusterFS volumes.
Docker Volume GlusterFS
go, docker
A react component library based on styled-components.
react, styled-components
OpenPatch is an open source platform for assessment and training of competencies. The legacy version is here for reference, but not used anymore.
OpenPatch (Legacy)
flask, react, mysql
Mobile, desktop and website Apps with the same code.
React to Everything
react, react-native